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Useful sources

From bibliographies developed by Nona Bloomer and William Cox 

A compilation of stories from the community

  • The GKS Archive Annex contains stories, recollections, and other texts associated with resources in the Society's collections.

Frequently cited texts

  • Balestracci, Carl A. Jr. (2016) "John Beattie and His Quarrymen: Building America Stone by Stone," ISBN: 978-1-5323-1399-8

  • Baxter, Linda Trowbridge (1985) "The Newcomers: A Study of Immigrants to Guilford, Connecticut 1850-1930." Dexter, Michigan: Thomson-Shore, 1985. Available to be read in its entirety here.

  • Brown, Elizabeth Mills. Architectural and Historic Resource Survey for the Town of Guilford; 1981. Historical Background by Susan L. Darling.
  • Deford, Deborah, ed. (2000) "Flesh and Stone: Stony Creek and the Age of Granite," Stony Creek Granite Quarry Workers Celebration.  ISBN: 0-918172-29-2 

Web sites

  • 1850s map of Guilford showing various districts and landmarks from the Petersen Collection at the Homer Babbidge Library, the University of Connecticut. The specific provenance of this map is not known.  https://gks.omeka.net/items/show/14 

Other texts (citations offered without confirmation, works may be available at the Guilford Free Library)

  • Abbot, Katherine M. "Guilford, 1639." In Old Paths and Legends of the New England Border, Deerfield, Berkshire, 101-126, New York, Putnam, 1907*

  • Adams, Elisabeth C. "Adams Anecdotes. Reminiscences of a Medical Doctor in Guilford Since 1950." Typescript, 1987*

  • Allis, Marguerite, "Guilford and Madison," In Connecticut Trilogy, 240-256. New York: Putnam, 1934*

  • Akel, Edward A. "The Hyland House, Guilford, Connecticut, 1660." Paper, Swarthmore College, 1982*

  • Anderson, Beverly, Sarah Langley, and Abbie Morasky-Smith, "Archaeological Investigations at the Grounds of the Henry Whitfield State Historical Museum in Guilford, Connecticut" Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife, Annual Proceeding (1977) 36-44*

  • Anderson, Beverly. "Guilford Roots," n.p., 1990.*
  • Andrews, Charles McLean. "Henry Whitfield, an Historical Estimate."  Address given at the dedication of the Henry Whitfield House on October 20, 1937.*

  • Andrews, William G. (1989) Blessing of the Peacemakers. A Sermon Commemorative of the Pastorate of the Rev. Lorenzo T. Bennett, D.D.  Preached November 3, 1889, Christ Church, Guilford, CT.  Also, an address delivered in the First Congregational Church of Guilford by the Rev. George W. Banks, November 21, 1889 [New Haven]: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, n.d.*  

  • Bloomer, Nona, "Guilford Green," Paper read to the Connecticut Historical Society, October, 1989.*

  • __________ "Guilford Pioneers in the Appreciation of Nature." Paper read at the annual meeting of the Guilford Garden Club, November, 1983.*

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  • Brown, Elizabeth Mills (1982) Architectural Development," in Survey of the Historic Architecture of Guilford, Connecticut, pp 23-68. Guilford Preservation Alliance.*

  • ___________  (1959) "Guilford, Connecticut: Its Green and Its Historic Building," Guilford Bicentennial Committee, 1975.*

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  • Colby, P., D. Culliton, and R. Nettleton (2011) "Guilford responds to the Civil War : life at home, in the fields, in church, on the Green.
  • Committee for Guilford Oral History (1988) "Taking Time to Remember: An Oral History of Guilford," the Guilford Free Library, Stevens Printing, Madison, CT

  • Cunningham, Jan. Henry Whitfield House National Register Nomination; Nomination Number 97001277, National Park Service; 1997

  • Dudley, Charles Samuel, "Civil War diary of Charles S. Dudley, 1862-1863.Totoket Historical Society ; 2003? Location Call Number Status North Branford/Atwater Adult Nonfiction North Branford History 974.6 Dudley

  • Foote, Kate (1889) "Guilford and Madison During the Late War," in "Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Guilford, Conn. by the Towns of Guilford and Madison." The Stafford Printing Co. 86-89 Crown Street, New Haven, CT (pp 187 - 198).  The chapter recounts how the town supported its soldiers in the field and the system by which it financed payments for hiring of substitutes; it can be read in its entirety here.

  • Guilford Keeping Society (2001) "Images of America: Guiford," Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, South Carolina, ISBN 978-0-7385-0448-3.  

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  • Macleod, Norman (2009) "I could strike for liberty and the slave: the Civil War life and death of Uriah Parmelee, a son of Guilford." Guilford Free Library REF 929.2 PARMELEE H.R. Description 21 leaves ; 30 cm. Note An unedited transcript of a talk given by Norman MacLeod at Guilford Free Library, Thursday February 19, 2009. 
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  • Williamson, Chilton (1954) "The Connecticut Property Test and the East Guilford Voter, 1800," Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin 19, October, 1954, pp 101-104.*  

* Citation is from the following bibliography: Bloomer, Nona, compiler (1990) The Guilford Papers, no. 2, The Guilford Free Library.   

All other citations have been compiled by William Cox.

-- WC, January 7, 2018