Heading Into Town on Boston Street

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Sleigh driver is unknown


The inscription on the photo reads "Heading Into Town on Boston Street with the Thomas Griswold House circa, 1905." The Griswold House is on the right of the photo. The photographer, Charles Hubbard, is a well known Guilford artist.


Circa 1905


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An article on the photographer, Charles Hubbard, from the Hartford Courant http://articles.courant.com/1997-06-17/news/9706170347_1_charles-d-hubbard-paintings-camping

A photo of Charles Hubbard at the Guilford Free Library

A colorized postcard of the Griswold House can be seen here: https://gks.omeka.net/items/show/41


High res picture: 120 dpi or greater (this resolution is shown in the cropped out-take). Low res picture: 72 dpi (this is shown in the larger photo on this page).


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Guilford, CT


Hubbard, Charles D.


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William Cox

Patricia Lovelace reports that there is a Charles Hubbard exhibit room at the Medad Stone Tavern Museum, and that the Guilford Keeping Society inherited his painting and camping equipment (this equipment is shown in several photos in the digital archive of the Guilford Free Library).  The GKS has many other items relateed to Guilford's famous impressionist artist.


Hubbard, Charles D., “Heading Into Town on Boston Street,” The Guilford Keeping Society Archives, accessed January 17, 2021, https://gks.omeka.net/items/show/25.