Historic Resource Inventory - Town of Guilford


"Historic and Architectural Resources Inventory For the Town of Guilford, Connecticut Phase II Supplemental Survey" 

The Guilford Preservation Alliance received at the end of 2014 a grant in the amount of $30,000 from the State Department of Economic and Community Development, State Historic Preservation Office to add an additional 200-plus historic structures to the 450 buildings in the 1981 Historic Resources Inventory for the Town of Guilford. The architectural historians hired by GPA to do this survey were Kristen Nietering, a Guilford native, and Jordan Sorenson, of New London, CT. The survey was completed in 2015 and a summary report is attached.

Project Historians:
Kristen Nietering Architectural Historian
Jordan Sorensen Architectural Historian 

Project Director: Mary Dunne State Historic Preservation Office, Certified Local Government and Grants Coordinator 

Sponsors: State of Connecticut
Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office
Kristina Newman-Scott State Historic Preservation Officer 
Guilford Preservation Alliance 


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Text Author

Nietering, Kristen et al

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