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Snow on Gate and Garden

P-3970 Gate with snow. Betty Dunn Collection_Reduced.jpg
This litte garden space, with its iron fence and gate, is located among a row of shops off of Water Street. The photo was taken by Betty Dunn, who was a photographer for the Shoreline Times from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s.  Over the years, the…

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Oxen at Bishop House, Nut Plains Road

Oxen in front of Edward Bishop House_Reduced to Standard.jpg
The inscription on this photo reads "Oxen in front of the Edward Bishop House." Based on information on an Historic Resources Inventory form (see below) this home appears to be what is more commonly called the "Justin Bishop House" at 77 Nut Plains…

Maple Shade Farm

GKS 2014_3 CDH Tanner Marsh Rd c. 1905 (1)_reduced to standard.jpg
Tanner Marsh Road, looking south toward Clapboard Hill Road. The barns and house on the left are Maple Shade Farm, home of the Williams family (more recently, home of the Morasky family).

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Heading Into Town on Boston Street

GKS 2014_1 CDH, sleigh @Boston St c. 1905_reducedB.jpg
The inscription on the photo reads "Heading Into Town on Boston Street with the Thomas Griswold House circa, 1905." The Griswold House is on the right of the photo. The photographer, Charles Hubbard, is a well known Guilford artist.

Sleigh on Whitfield Street

Sleigh in downtown Guilford GKS Full Size_12_8_72.jpg
Grocery shopping with a horse-drawn sleigh in downtown Guilford after a 1934 snow storm. A massive coastal storm hit eastern Connecticut on Tuesday, February 20, 1934. After the storm, William Dudley took Clapboard Hill women downtown to pick up…