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424 South Union Street

KFH-xc GKS Unkown house.jpg
This photo, from the Guilford Keeping Society Harrison Collection, had no documentation. It shows a boy tying his shoe laces on the steps of a small home; a woman in an impeccably ironed shirtwaist and skirt stands with her back to the camera.…

The Acadian House

Acadian House Hi Res.jpg
Helander (2008) writes that "tucked against a ledge at 37 Union Street, set back from the road in uncharacteristic fashion, stands the so-called Acadian house.  For a number of years, it housed a family of homeless, penniless refugees from Grand-Pre…

Griswold House Postcard

14 Gateway to Guilford_reduced to standard.jpg
Thomas Griswold III built this sturdy New England saltbox house on the knoll at 171 Boston Street in 1774 for his two youngest sons, John and Ezra. The dwelling was continuously owned and occupied by five generations of the Griswold family. It has…

Oxen at Bishop House, Nut Plains Road

Oxen in front of Edward Bishop House_Reduced to Standard.jpg
The inscription on this photo reads "Oxen in front of the Edward Bishop House." Based on information on an Historic Resources Inventory form (see below) this home appears to be what is more commonly called the "Justin Bishop House" at 77 Nut Plains…

The Green with White Fence and Elm Trees

GKS 2014_6 HHB'Green, from SW 1885 reduced to standard.jpg
The photo shows two features on the Green that are a long time gone: the white fence around the perimeter and the stately elm trees.  Helander (2008, 32) indicates that the fence was constructed in 1855, replacing a previous structure.  The fence was…

Heading Into Town on Boston Street

GKS 2014_1 CDH, sleigh @Boston St c. 1905_reducedB.jpg
The inscription on the photo reads "Heading Into Town on Boston Street with the Thomas Griswold House circa, 1905." The Griswold House is on the right of the photo. The photographer, Charles Hubbard, is a well known Guilford artist.

Water Street, East of Wild Rose Avenue

Water Street (Harrison Collection) Reduced to Standard.jpg
Water Street, east of Wild Rose Avenue, looking east towards town center. The home on the left of the photo no longer exists. Another home has been built on this property at 373 Water Street.

Guilford Motor Co.

P-388 Boston St 23 – Guilford Motor Co. %28Griswold House Coll.%29 Reduced in Size and Resolution to Standard.jpg
"Andrew Eliot, a merchant, built this house, lived in it for about twenty years, then traded houses with his brother Samuel, who lived in it another twenty years, bequeathing it to his son William. The house’s most distinguished feature, which stands…

Tavern, West Side, Colorized Postcard

13 Old Tavern West Side Resolution Reduced to Standard.jpg
Medad Stone Tavern Museum – This Dutch Colonial house with three chimneys and ten fireplaces is one of the largest 19th century houses in Guilford. Medad Stone built it on 197 Three Mile Course in 1803, speculating that Boston Post Road would be…