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An Old Elm on Clapboard Hill

P-3995 The Old Elm – rear of 330 Clapboard Hill Road (Abraham Dudley house) EFD-23 neg. Edmund F. Dudley photographer_Reduced.jpg
This stately elm was in a section of Guilford variously known as Dudleytown or Clapboard Hill.  The area was settled in the 18th and 19th centuries by members of the Dudley family and the district is now notable for its well preserved residential…


LTC Vincent Meigs Wilcox

PW.II.32 Vincent Meigs Wilcox Madison Civil War uniform REFORMAT 2.jpg
As a Lieutenant Colonel, Vincent Meigs Wilcox commanded a regiment at Antietam (the 132nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers) and led the unit in a bayonet charge against the enemy.  In this single battle, the regiment suffered casualties of more than…

Lucy Caroline (Page) Wilcox

PW7 Lucy Caroline Wilcox (Mrs Richard C. Wilcox)(LP)a-Reduced.jpg
Lucy Caroline Page (1851 - 1927) married Richard C. Wilcox (1846 - 1914) around 1870. The couple built a home at 700 Durham Road, on the northwest corner of the intersection with Flat Meadow Road. Over the following 56 years, the Wilcoxs expanded…

The Knowles-Lombard Canning Co.

Knowles Lombard.jpg
The Knowles-Lombard Company was one of three canning firms that operated in Guilford during the latter part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. The other firms (the Guilford Canning Company and the Sachem's Head Canning…


Workers at the Sachem's Head Canning Co.

Cannery workers.JPG
Hill, E.G. (1918) indicates that the canning business in Guilford began in 1881 with the opening of the Sachem's Head Canning Company. The Guilford Canning Company and the Knowles-Lombard Company also participated in the canning industry.In 1897 Fred…

Girls on Horses

P-1239 Girls emerging with horses REDUCED PER SPECS.jpg
A 1974 photo of girls on horses emerging out of the West River near Olmsted Park. The documentation that accompanied this photo indicated that Megan Wuerth was the girl on the lead horse.

The southeast corner of the Green

Southeast of the green 1920's with A&P.jpg
This photo shows the south side of Boston Street as viewed from the southeast edge of the Green.  The image is from before 1931 when 21 Boston Street and 23 Boston Street were converted into an auto dealership.  See the related sources from the…

Cutout from 1856 Map of New Haven County

This is a portion of a 1856 map of New Haven County produced by from H & C.T. Smith. The cutout was produced by the Madison Historical Society and was harvested from the web.


424 South Union Street

KFH-xc GKS Unkown house.jpg
This photo, from the Guilford Keeping Society Harrison Collection, had no documentation. It shows a boy tying his shoe laces on the steps of a small home; a woman in an impeccably ironed shirtwaist and skirt stands with her back to the camera.…

Fitz-Greene Halleck, Famed Poet

FG Halleck Revised.JPG
Fitz-Greene Halleck, born in Guilford in 1790, was a famed poet in the 19th century. His most productive years were spent in New York City, but he returned to Guilford in 1847 and lived in town until his death on November 19, 1867. After returning…

The Norton Brick Block

P-3696 The Brick Block on Water Street, stands between Hotel and Cannery, 1897 (Redfield Coll.) reduced.jpg
11 Water Street (formerly 17 Water Street). The Historic Resources Inventory indicates that "this building was constructed c. 1888 by Darwin N. Benton, a proprietor of a meat market. He then sold the building in 1897 to Julius E. Norton, who…


Gender imbalance in school enrollment

8th Grade Graduation at the Boston Street School.jpg
This photo shows children at the Boston Street School. This school offered classes through the 8th grade and these children appear to be in their early teens. Many have commented that, as in many school photos from this era, there are many more girls…