This site presents some of the intellectual resources maintained by the Guilford Keeping Society (GKS). The GKS is dedicated to preserving the history of Guilford, Connecticut and to celebrating the many cultural influences that have shaped this town since 1639.  

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An Old Elm on Clapboard Hill

P-3995 The Old Elm – rear of 330 Clapboard Hill Road (Abraham Dudley house) EFD-23 neg. Edmund F. Dudley photographer_Reduced.jpg

This stately elm was in a section of Guilford variously known as Dudleytown or Clapboard Hill.  The area was settled in the 18th and 19th centuries by…

LTC Vincent Meigs Wilcox

PW.II.32 Vincent Meigs Wilcox Madison Civil War uniform REFORMAT 2.jpg

As a Lieutenant Colonel, Vincent Meigs Wilcox commanded a regiment at Antietam (the 132nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers) and led the unit in…

Lucy Caroline (Page) Wilcox

PW7 Lucy Caroline Wilcox (Mrs Richard C. Wilcox)(LP)a-Reduced.jpg

Lucy Caroline Page (1851 - 1927) married Richard C. Wilcox (1846 - 1914) around 1870. The couple built a home at 700 Durham Road, on the northwest…

The Knowles-Lombard Canning Co.

Knowles Lombard.jpg

The Knowles-Lombard Company was one of three canning firms that operated in Guilford during the latter part of the 19th century and the early part of…

Workers at the Sachem's Head Canning Co.

Cannery workers.JPG

Hill, E.G. (1918) indicates that the canning business in Guilford began in 1881 with the opening of the Sachem's Head Canning Company. The Guilford…